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Learn the ABC’s of CrossFit with our Elements Program

In 3x45min sessions you’ll learn the building blocks of training, 1on1 with our coaches or along side other beginners.

Elements will prepare you to safely and effectively start improving your health and fitness. Our primary goal in these one-on-one sessions is to introduce you to some brand new skills and movements. This is a challenging, but rewarding step. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll be ready to to safely and confidently jump into our normal group sessions.

Here are some of the features of our Elements Program:

  • First, we will show you how to lift safely and efficiently
  • We will start with simple exercises with light weight, slowly adding more movements
    and weight once you’re ready
  • Flexible booking system.
  • One weeks of FREE classes training as a Gift when you complete your Elements Program!
  • Each session will end with a workout allowing you to measure your progress. Under our guidance, you’ll have the chance to push yourself and put your new skills to the test. This program brings results! During the course of your Fundamental training, your body will begin to rapidly change.

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